Trestle Key Lanyard

Trestle Key Lanyard


Single Brass Key ring makes this a very simple yet perfect way to carry your keys. The lanyard is held together by a solid brass button knob.

The Trestle lanyard is made my hand in Colorado


10oz Veg-Tan Leather

Brass Hardware 


.75 inch wide

4 inche long

About the name:

Trestle, it’s actually in Winter Park Colorado, but only in the Summer. I will have to say it is a place where you can have more fun in one day than anywhere else on earth. Sorry, Disneyland. Trestle is a downhill mountain bike park. You sign a waver, put on full gear, full face helmet, chest and shoulder plates, knee, shin, elbows, hands. You cover your body because it doesn’t feel great hitting a tree when going as fast as you can. This place has table-top jumps and death defying wood catwalks that are 20 feet off the ground. If you are up for a thrill, do yourself a favor, GO!

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