Tennyson - Yellow

Tennyson - Yellow


Tennyson’s beautiful and durable canvas allows you to take this tote anywhere. The tote is complete with a pocket on the inside to conveniently stow your phone, notebook or sunglass and a small pocket for a pen or pencil. This inside pocket allows for easy retrieval of your items. A swivel snap allows for safe storage of your keys so they don’t fall to the bottom of the Tennyson tote. An outside pocket is large enough for a magazine or other items you may want to access quickly. The Tennyson also features an inside strap closure to keep all of your important belongings secure. This tote is the perfect everyday carry bag.

The Tennyson is made by hand in Colorado using American made leather from Wicket & Craig, canvas from New Jersey and hand-set USA made copper rivets. 


Canvas #10 Duck

9-10oz Dark Brown English Bridle 

Hand-set Cooper rivets


Adjustable snap closure

Brass Swivel snap key lanyard

Tote size: 16” x 10” x 6"

Front pocket 14” x 13"

Inside pocket 7” x  6”

Pen pocket 1" x  4"

About the Name:

Growing up in the Berkeley neighborhood, my wife would walk Tennyson street each day on her way to school.  Back then this neighborhood was much less desirable than it is today. A simple candy store is the only decent memory she has of Tennyson. Elitch Gardens was across the road at the time which brought a steady flow of strangers into the neighborhood. It has sense moved to downtown Denver but you can still find the historic Garden Theater and carousel right off Tennyson.  She remembers a creepy old furniture store on Tennyson that aways smelled of cigar smoke. Ironically, it just burned down about a year ago. The candy store is also gone. If you were to go there today you would never think that this amazing street use to be sketchy. It’s filled with new life, shops and restaurants. With shops like Brush and Comb, Spruce, Feral Mountain CO, The Book Bar, Denver Biscuit Company and Berkeley Supply you are sure to find an inspiring place to spark your creativity. Tennyson is now a destination and a place where you would want to live.

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