Prospect Tool Wrap - Brush Brown

Prospect Tool Wrap - Brush Brown


The Prospect tool wrap is the perfect companion to take with you on the road or to your next job site. Whether it's your favorite screwdrivers, wrench and pliers or paintbrushes the Prospect tool wrap has you covered. The removable leather pouch is great for all the little bits and pieces you don’t want to lose. Fold down the top flap before you roll it up to be sure to keep your tools secure. The Prospect will become your constant companion. 

The Prospect is made by hand in Colorado


Martexin Original Wax Canvas #10 Duck

9 to 10oz Dark Brown Horween Chromexcel

Solid Brass Hardware

Hand-set Cooper rivets

Hand-set brass snaps


Removable leather pouch

6 pockets of varying sizes 


15”x17” opened, 5”x10 closed(empty)

Leather Pouch: 4.25”x6

Pocket 1: 4.25x6.

Pocket 2: 3x6.5

Pocket 3: 2.5x6.5

Pocket 4: 1.5x6.5

Pocket 5&6: 2x 4.25

About the Name:

Prospect Park was a block away form where we lived in Brooklyn, NY. I needed a job so bad at the time I was willing to do anything, really, anything. I was at a local coffee shop where a rich eccentric guy over heard me talking to the barista as I shared my jobless woes. He asked me what kind of job I was looking for, then asked if I could do carpentry work. I told him I could, even though I didn’t have the foggiest idea about carpentry. I only knew I could figure it out and that I was not in a position to turn anything down. For the next 6 months I worked with him building an apartment in Brooklyn, down the street from Prospect Park. I made built in cabinets, finished wood floors, installed windows and electrical wiring. You name it, I did it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. With a strong will and YouTube, you can do anything. This Prospect tool wrap would have come in handy then. 

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