The Gunnison is the perfect wallet for those who still love pen and paper and desire the convince of a normal sized walled. This wallet has the perfect combination of size and convenience, comfortably holding up to 6 credit cards, space for cash and notebook. 

Gunnison is cut, punched, stitched and finished by hand. 

3 to 4oz Brown Horween Chromexcel
2mm stitched length Waxed Polycord thread
Beeswax burnished edge

3 3/8 inched wide
4 5/8 inches tall
4/8 inch high
Notebook: 2 1/2 x 4 1/4 

About the Name:
Gunnision, I really can’t give you a good reason to go to Gunnision. It’s simply the county that hides one of my favorite places in all of Colorado, Crested Butte. If you're up for a gorgeous drive, make sure you journey through Gunnison and back towards Crested Butte during the day so you can see the magnificent mountains that surround this isolated wonder of a town. Yes, you can ski there, however I usually drive past the resort and head back to Gothic and get lost. Seriously, go get lost!

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