The Devon is designed to be a minimalist wallet. It's for those who want to carry as little as possible. Devon is an everyday carry or for the formal event small enough for a suit pocket. Devon will carry 3 to 6 cards. 

Devon was cut, punched, and finished by hand.


3 to 4oz Brown Horween Chromexcel


2.75 inches wide

4 inches high

About the Name:

When living abroad Devon Street was where I found everything I needed. When it wasn’t raining I would walk from my house to the local shops. Meat pies, clothes, my banking, a place like Walmart called, The Wearhouse and my favorite Indian restaurant was all found on Devon street. Even my walks to the famous foreshore would take be through Devon street. I bought the engagement ring for my wife here and even a few other pieces of jewelry from places on Devon. Oh, how I dream of my next walk on Devon Street.

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