Beautiful Brown Horween Chromexcel leather hand crafted into a unique everyday carry wallet. The Davis has a pocket for all your cash and two inside pockets to hold 4 to 8 cards. Each Davis wallet is made by hand with American made leather from Chicago and hand stitched with waxed cord from Main. 

Davis is cut, punched, stitched and finished by hand. 

3.5 to 4oz Dark Brown Horween Chromexcel
2mm stitched length Waxed Polycord thread

Open: 7 x 4.25in
Closed: 4.25 x 3.5in


About the Name:

David is a mountain road with a cabin at the end of it. My childhood summers were spent racing down this washed out, boulder laden road on our 3 wheelers. Each summer our 3 wheelers would need to be replaced due to the rough nature of our racing and this road. Black plastic shrapnel, laughter and tears was a normal sighting on this road as we joyfully destroyed these three wheelers. When we weren’t racing we were walking down Davis to the “Burnt Down House” which exploded in a gas leak years before I was born. Dismantling what was left of the rock fireplace and looking for giant nails and melted glass would fill the time between racing and splitting wood for the upcoming winter. 

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