The Beaumont is designed to keep your cards and cash secure. 2 brass snaps securely hold the cover in place. Beaumont has 2 pockets to hold 2 to 3 cards each or the cash you need and fits nicely into your front pocket. 

Beaumont is cut, punched, stitched and finished by hand. 


3 to 4oz Brown Horween Chromexcel
2mm Stitch length waxed polycord thread
Beeswax burnished edges 

4 1/4 inches wide
3 1/4 inches tall
3/8 inch high

About the Name:

Tennis baseball, kickball, flooding the neighbors garage, breaking windows, kick the can, you name it we played it. A culdesac, home to a street full of boys, there was no end to the devious, yet completely innocent trouble we could get into. Beaumont. The ability for a bunch of neighborhood boys to play without fear of being run over by traffic is now what I dream for my own kids. The neighbors knew we were there so there was never any danger. We use to say that we could sleep out in the middle of the street and not worry about anything. This was my street, safe, quiet, the best place to grow up. 

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