This upright 5 pocket wallet is the perfect wallet for those who need to carry a few extra cards. 1 Pocket is for cash and the rest will hold up to 3 or more credit cards. 

Dillon is cut, punched, stitched and finished by hand. 

3 to 4oz Brown Horween Chromexcel
2mm stitched length Waxed Polycord thread
Beeswax burnished edge

3 3/8 inched wide
4 5/8 inches tall
4/8 inch high

About the Name:
Dillon is an amazing place to stop and fish on the river or play at the lake. Located off the I-70 corridor on the way to just about every ski resort in Colorado, you can't miss Dillon as you journey into the mountains. Next time you travel to the slopes make sure you get off the highway and spend some time in this crazy beautiful little town. 

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