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Quality handmade leather products that you will love for a lifetime.





The Hays cord caddy can conveniently hold cords or earphones. 

Hays was cut, punched, and finished by hand.


3 to 4oz Brown Horween Chromexcel


3.5 diameter 

About the Name:

     When my wife and I were moving from Brooklyn to Denver we stayed in a little farming town of Hays Kansas. Normally there would be no reason to remember this small town when all you want to do is get to Denver. Regardless of the town we decided that we should go somewhere nice to eat, we were sick of the fast food placed we were eating at along the way. So, we asked a local where we should go and we were pointed to a brewery. I had the best Ruben I had ever eaten and this is after living in NYC. My wife and I have threatened to drive to Hays Kansas just to enjoy this beautiful sandwich. The cord caddy looks like a taco and that make me think of eating something good. The desire to eat something good makes me think of the amazing Rubin in Hays Kansas. 

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